"Shyun Style Eight Step Preying Mantis Kung fu is a complete system of traditional Chinese martial arts. Its beauty when practiced is rivaled only by its effectiveness in combat. With practice, the system builds the mind, body, spirit, and character of the practitioner."
- Grandmaster James Shyun
Adult Kung Fu
Your training begins with a short meditation to clear your mind of the thoughts and worries of the day. We then focus on warming up the body. Many traditional stretching exercises are used to increase flexibility and tendon strength. We follow with strength and endurance exercises that improve leg, upper body, and core strength, as well as cardiovascular performance. We then practice punching or kicking techniques which reinforce proper form through repetition. Next, we drill two-person applications that train basic self-defense and countering techniques. This is when you develop your skills to fit real world defense and fight situations. We finish up class with intense form training. Here you learn traditional forms that train flexibility, coordination, balance, fluidity and strength - all core qualities of a good martial artist.

Trial Offer Available: Please inquire.
Tai Chi
Through Tai Chi you learn to build and control your internal energy. We start class with any number of cleansing Chi Gung meditations. We warm up the body with traditional stretches. You learn to focus, coordinating your movements to your breathing. Gain an incredible ability to sense the weight shifts in your body as you transition from one stance to the next. Learn the single movements that eventually make up the entire Health Set. Students get a lot of one-on-one guidance with the instructors, who pride themselves on their patience and caring as much as their own Tai Chi abilities.

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Children's Kung Fu
Our Children's Class program is designed to give kids the cardiovascular and strength workout they need. In a fun, safe environment, our kids learn the mental and physical discipline that gives them a head start in life! And they learn KUNG FU! What kid doesn't want that! The emphasis in the class is on teaching forms and techniques gradually, with sash levels signifying their achievement! We are very proud of our Children's Class, they are the future of our school.

Classes are recommended for children ages 8 to 12.
Gold Mantis Program
Advanced students have the opportunity to join a 2-3 year intensive training program to become certified instructors. In this program, students will learn advanced two-person techniques, including throwing and joint lock techniques. Upon completing the program, Sifus may take their own students, open their own schools, and continue to learn new concepts and techniques for decades to come.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Red Sash level.

Grandmaster Shyun and Eight Step Mantis Kung Fu have headlined in many Martial Arts publications!


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